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Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical Merchant Account

Please fill in this form, and we will get you a quote as soon as possible. Incomplete data will be discarded.
1) If you can specify a preferable discount rate, we will only select solutions that match your requirement.
2) Please provide URL.
3) If you select both merchant account and 3rd party billing solution, please remember that discount rate of 3rd party account is always higher that of merchant account, and rates of offshore account is always higher than that of US / Euro solutions.
4) If you have processing history, please email us at, and specify your current monthly volume and chargeback rate.
5) If you plan to apply for your own pharmaceutical merchant account, you must provide your own pharmaceutical license, not your suppliers' pharmaceutical licenses.
6) Some solutions have controlled-medicine lists, some products are forbidden to sell online in certain countries. Please list all your product names in Product Description.
7) Some merchants might claim that they work for several call centers and have gathered a large customers database that can generate a huge monthly turnover, however, for most solutions, processing history are required to get a good rate. Acquirers need to see the proof.
8) Some solutions might request shipping proof such as delivery recipes to release payout. So if you are waiting for payouts to order your customers' products, that might not work.

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