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Welcome to PAYMENTCONSULTING.BIZ. We specialize in providing online payment solutions to all kinds of international business. That include mainstream e-commerce, adult, casino, gaming, MLM, MOTO, travel, tobacco, pharmaceutical, pharmacy, replica, high-risk, high-volume merchant accounts.

If you are new to online payment, probably you might get confused with all the terms such as merchant account, 3rd party billing solution, payment gateway, acquiring bank, bill descriptor, etc. The bottom line is that if you want to offer credit card online payment for your online customers, we are here to help. For basic information, please refer to links on the right-hand side.

If you are already processing with some providers, but because of various reasons such as 1) your chargeback is a bit over the allowed limit; 2) you are not happy with your current provider maybe because of bad customer service, poor technical support, slow payout; 3) your business category is a bit risky; 4) you another merchant account for backup; 5) you want to shop around for a better rate, please refer to links on the right-hand side.

New High-Risk Credit Card Processing Solution for Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical, Adult, Replica, MLM, Tobacco, Travel, High-Risk, High-Volume, MOTO, and other business category

Application Procedure:
- Fill in our online pre-application form.
- Wait for pre-approval.
- Once pre-approved, send us the following document:
Copy of Director’s passport
Copy of Utility bill clearly showing Director’s residential address
Copy of Certificate of Incorporation of the Company
Letter from the Company’s bankers of good standing OR 6 month’s bank statements
6 months processing history (if any)
- We will send you the merchant agreement, technical manual.
- Initial each page and sign the last, scan and email back.
- Wait for your account to go live.
- ACH option is also available.

Please note that you must provide a valid, workable URL with contents, not a domain parking one. Sorry, no URL, no reply.

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Replica, MLM, Tobacco, Travel, High-Risk, High-Volume, Master / Aggregate, MOTO, and other business category

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